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Building Construction and Renovation

Photo of a Building Under Construction

The Xel can sometimes replace the need for a hoisting tower or a crane. Or it can be used in addition to them. At some stage of the project it can usually replace both of them with significant cost saving. Among its features are:

  • Installation and dismantling is almost costless. It requires no outriggers or concrete pad.
  • Moving upward as the structure grows is simple.
  • It can reach any height, far beyond the reach of mobile cranes, without additional cost.
  • It will work from any location on the job site and can be quickly moved.
  • It is simple to operate with manual controls or wireless from upper floors or from a cage. It can’t tip over.
  • It can handle any kind of load and quickly shift from a personnel hoist to a work cage or a bulky load.
  • Loads are restrained and don’t swing freely.
  • It is unaffected by building setbacks or balconies.
  • Speed is infinitely adjustable. Overload protection is built in.
  • High-rise buildings under construction are vulnerable to accidental fires and have no fire safety systems. In case of fire it is a fire fighters’ dream.
  • Used in tandem it can move loads horizontally across the facade as well as up and down and in and out.
  • Used in tandem it is superior to any other system for installing the facade and for glazing. Let us show you how.

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