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Automatic Window Washing

Concept drawing for an Automatic Window Washer using the Exterior Elevator

Dedicated window washing systems are expensive to install, maintain and operate. Some are complicated, especially when the building facades have setbacks or projections. The men who work on them need to know how to use them safely and when it is unsafe to use them.

Costs can run over a million dollars. The equipment is exposed to the elements or requires garages. The building roof and setback levels are cluttered with machinery, rolling tracks, sockets and various outriggers and tie backs.

We know because we have sold literally thousands of these installations including the hoists for the automatic window washers on the World Trade Towers. They were the best at the time.

Temporary window washing systems are limited to lower heights and need repetitive installations. Both dedicated and temporary systems use many man-hours to clean the windows. Accidents happen.

Xel winches have a better way for you to consider. It uses proven techniques. Here is how it works:

It’s easy to efficiently wash automatically with a rotating brush. Think of your neighborhood car wash or the World Trade Center. If you use ionized water it hugely improves the results, no streaks. You can vacuum the excess water or let it evaporate or dissipate.

The serious question is how to put the water and brush where they are needed and how to make the brush rotate. That is where the Xel excels. Two Xel winches using 1/2 inch wire rope can safely lift up to an 8 ton window washing stage.

The only cost is to attach pulleys on the roof, spaced where you want them. Then add a loop of wire rope long enough to reach the ground. You can keep the wire rope on the roof. It is more efficient to let it stay on the ground to be ready for firefighters to also use it.

A window washing service with two persons drives up with a modular, automatic system, completely self contained. It consists of light weight truss sections that connect and span between and beyond the wire ropes. The trusses include the brushes, the ionized water, the motors to rotate the brushes and an electric generator. Everything is assembled on the ground without the need to reach the roof or use utilities from the building. The brushes can clean a 100 ft. swath each time on the way up and on the way down, without manual labor.

There is no quicker, safer or more economical way to wash windows.

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