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“Xel” is transportable and ready to raise loads in less than 2 minutes after arriving on site.

Designed for use in:
firefighting, high-rise evacuation, building construction, oil rigs, window washing systems and maintenance of communication, TV, wind and power towers.

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This is the only ground located machine that reaches unlimited heights and also moves loads in and out as well as up and down. Exterior Elevator is stable and does not need outriggers. It cannot tip over!

Like a crane, it lifts loads of any size or shape, including hoses connected to pumpers and quickly attaches to different loads. Unlike a crane, loads are automatically restrained and don’t swing freely in the wind.

Simple to operate, modular design, and fast. The standard model lifts 5,000 lbs at 300 feet per minute. It is available in sizes from 1500 lbs to many tons at any desired speed.